It Is Time to Gear Things Up with Voice Broadcasting

Posted on Apr 8, 2021

Here is a century, where communication is the key. Any business can touch the height of the sky, if the owners communicate well with their customers or users. And what is a better way of communication than voice call? So, if you are setting up a new business or running quite an established one, it is time to gear things up with voice broadcasting.

  1. What is voice broadcasting or voice blast?

What do you do when you need to make a call? You dial the numbers and hit the call button, talk for a considerable amount of time and in the end hang up. Ta-da! You have made your call. But what if you have to thousands of call? Is it possible for you to dial so many numbers and tell the same thing to thousand people? It is not. This is where the best voice broadcasting service comes in.

It is a popular communication technique that can carry your message to the mass. Moreover, the call blasting software allows you to record your voice message and send it to different people you want, and that too, at once. Through such a call blasting service, you can also send automated voice to a large group of people.

Any good voice blast software could be used commercially for announcements, offers, alerts, notifications, surveys and so many other things.

Sometimes, big companies arrange for interactive voice responses from their customers. This IVR could be arranged and nicely implemented through such a call blasting service.

  1. Advantages of Voice broadcasting services:

Reaching to a wider group of people has always its perks. And, when the context is commercial, the perks are boundless. Similarly, automated voice broadcasting has so many shocking advantages that will give your business endeavour a kick start.

  • Increased responses: With call blast software in your hand, you will have a wider response from your target group. Since, bulk calls add a touch of personalization, so people would take time and give their response.

  • Improved productivity: This voice call broadcasting is abundantly convenient, as it allows you to reach hundreds of people in a single touch on your computer screen.

  • Better customer experience: It is better, because it makes use of personalisation for improving customer experience. To do so, voice broadcasting companies make every single call count.

  • Increased efficiency: With voice broadcasting software the best prerogative is that you can schedule a bulk call beforehand. This way, you can reach thousands of people in an organized way and on the right time.

  1. Features of our call blast software:

Among the cheapest voice broadcasting services, our software cuts deep. B ut what makes us the best? Here are some of the features of our software that makes us one of a kind-

  • Import contacts: To schedule a call blast, you need to arrange for some contacts that you want to call. Our software BulkCallMe, the user can in a very easy and quick way import his or her contacts. He or she has to just upload a comma-separated values file or a CSV file. In there, you can also add name, email, company and other fields.

  • Text to speech: This, being one of the best features of our call blast software, offers you to read out your text message in a perfect human voice in bulk calls. You get to upload personally recorded voice message as well.

  • Call tracking and recording: Tracking calls is also an easy way. You can record and track every outgoing call from the software dashboard. From this, later use of data for training and monitoring purposes will be easier than ever.

  • Report and analytics: As a company owner should be good at decision making, our software comes handy in that. Through our ivr broadcasting software, one can get good data analysis on daily calls. It is needless to say that these data reports are all in real-time and are detailed and true.

  1. Some innovative ways you can use Voice Broadcasting:

There are always some innovative ways to do something. Here too, you can use free phone blast service in different ways. Here are some ideas-

  • Survey campaigns: Calls can be more effective in eliciting true response from a large group than other ways like email or cellular messages are.

  • User feedback: whenever there is any sort of campaign, there is a need of feedback right after it. So, if you want to gather user feedback after a campaign, make sure you arrange a call blast right after its completion.

  • Announcements: What is a better way to announce some exciting news than triggering a bulk call? Just make a call blast every time you have a new service, or a post vacancy or a job opening.

  • Reminder campaigns: Voice is way more tend to be remembered than a written message. So, you can go for a call blast if you want to remind your customer about their due payments, upcoming appointments, or any other scheduled thing.

  • Education and training: Got new employees? Want to train them all? Try a call blast. You can also educate your target customers regarding your brand new products or services via a voice broadcasting.

  • Delivery scheduling/ rescheduling: Inform your customer about order delivery scheduling or rescheduling over call blasting service.

  • First level filtering for job applicants: it might get hard to filter job applicants on a face to face basis. Therefore, you can always have this option of voice call broadcasting. Just arrange a call campaign with a probable list of questions related to the post they want to work in.

  1. Voice broadcasting pricing:

You can start your voice broadcasting from right now! To do so, you need to choose a plan that suits your bulk call need. We, at BulkCallMe, offer you Pro plan, Enterprise Plan and Premium Plan, catering to the need of every business endeavour of any size. There is a nominal first time set-up fee, which you have to pay unless you are opting for the Premium Plan. Voice broadcast pricing may differ sometimes.

If you are hesitant about the efficacy of the software and paying up for it, you can also try the free phone blast service that we are offering now! This free voice broadcasting service comes with every advantage that the paid version comes with. Once you have sign up and register in our website, you can easily use this call blast free service.

  1. BulkCallMe advantages:

Simply, we are the best. But only saying doesn’t make us the best. So, here is in a nutshell, why we are-

  • High security: We have an ISO 27001:2013 certified system of information security and management.

  • Superior quality: Our calls have the best sound quality and a reduced latency.

  • Superior reliability: We offer the best uptimes, including operator uptime.

  • Patented solutions: Our service is one of a kind and can offer you the best productivity with patented solutions.

  • Scale at ease: With our email broadcasting software and voip software, you can grow your company at ease without worrying about infrastructure.

  • Best support: If you confront any difficulty at using our call blast software, we are always a call away, providing our customers with a wonderful service 24*7.