8 tips to build an excellent telemarketing team

Posted on May 10, 2021

In order to build an excellent telemarketing team for your business takes not only effort but time and experience. It’s a long process and constant feedback and reflection are required to excel in telesales. Other than staff motivation, there are a lot of different ways to train and nurture your telemarketers to boost morale and productivity in their work.


Here’s a few extra tips!

1. Carry out a blueprint strategy instead of a script 

A blueprint gives a call its structure with checkpoints along the route whereas  a script commonly contains a set of phrases of questions that were set prior to a call. Training telemarketers with a fixed script could result in interruption in the conversation flow and deviates away from customer’s needs. 

The checkpoint in the blueprint enables telemarketers to have a general outline of the call’s content and offer greater flexibility to allow them to tailor the call to customer’s needs and suits their own personality or energy. 

Implementing a blueprint strategy to your telesales team allows your staff to build rapport with the customers easily in which they will feel much comfortable in engaging conversation with your staff. A positive and relaxed telemarketer satisfies the customers more and indirectly boosted the productivity in the telesales team. 

2. Give permission to telemarketers on taking regular breaks 


Never force your staff to chain themselves to the desks. Instead, give permission to them to take regular short breaks on an hour basis to have their legs stretched, coffee made, to the washroom or to clear their minds. A short break tends to make them feel more positive, refreshed, and improves the overall robustness of the telemarketing department so they will continue to call with good vibe and energy.  

Although not everyone of them will take the short breaks, especially on an hourly basis. However, displaying this option to them indicates the employer cares and will always be there to support them throughout the telemarketing journey.  It will generate a good outcome to the telesales team as well as the business. 

3. Provide appropriate levels of training 

Every employee you hire in the telesales team will have a different level of working experience in the related field.  Some could be a first timer in the telemarketing field, some could be telemarketing experts! 

Hence the levels of training should be tailored to the new hires, especially the initial training. This helps to make sure extra help will always go to those who need them. Do not put up a high expectation on the newcomers but offer training and encouragement instead. 

4. Provide support to those who struggle and new hires

Some telemarketers of the team will struggle to fulfill the required targets occasionally. It tends to be more common in those nervous new team members, especially when they have lack of experience in the telemarketing field. Giving them support and help along the journey always turn out to be more efficient when in comparison to penalising or berating the employees. 

You can also arrange one of your telemarketing experts to team up with the struggling ones so the weaker ones will be able to pick up and learn to convert calls into sales. Additionally, you can ask few of  the experts to join in the new hires’s training session so that they can share to the newcomers regarding their previous struggles in the beginning of the telesales journey. They can relate to those new hires better and guide them with few of their own useful tips and experiences on handling calls or difficulties. 

5. Boost productivity via incentives, targets and competitions


It is useful to boost your telesales team’s morale by using incentives or a certain target in order to motivate them to work at their absolute best. A competition with desirable prizes such as a holiday trip, luxurious experience or electronic gadgets or appliances can be another way to motivate your telesales team effectively. Make sure all the telesales team members are aware of the rewards and encourage them to participate actively to create a healthy competition among the peers. 

You should not judge and give the prize to the winner based on the one who closes the most sales. Instead, reward those with the largest personal percentage increase of sales from the previous month. This will motivate everyone in the telesales department to work hard and improve on their own performance rather than compete directly with the results of others.  

6. Give feedback and praise to everyone in the team


It is important to give recognition to the telesales team members along this long journey. Avoid praising only to the top achievers in the team as it can be very demotivating to those who hit the required targets but failed to get the superior’s recognition.

Make sure everyone in the telesales team gets praised for good work even if some of them are not in the league of the top. If the telemarketers have improved in performance when compared to previous month or closed a sale that is larger than the average, a simple “Well done, keep it up” is able to do wonders for their morale even if they didn't meet the targets. 

7. Make a change to the type of calls to avoid boredom and repetition 

If your company consists of different types of services or products and different clients, try mixing up the schedule of your staff so that they won’t be always selling the same thing over and over again. This can prevent boredom in the telesales team and keep their energy high up constantly. By doing this, you might realise certain telemarketers in the team are better in closing certain sales. Their true performance may get buried if you had always kept them on the same call. 

Some of the telemarketers may enjoy the repetition and prefer to stay on the same call as they work better with it. Hence, communicate with your telesales team members in order to learn their preferences and make sure you will arrange the work accordingly. 

8. Set up achievable sales targets 

It is important to set up a realistic target for your employees and make sure your sales targets are achievable, especially to those who are still familiarizing or getting to grip with the blueprint. You can’t possibly expect those new hires to close the same number of sales as those who are at the top sales. 

It is greatly demotivating to your telesales staff if they failed to hit the unachievable targets. They will be instilled with a sense of failure and fear of losing their job or facing consequences. You should prevent those negative feelings from building up. After all, happy staff = more sales!