10 reasons on why telemarketing is needed!

Posted on Apr 19, 2021

Telemarketing is a form of direct marketing of a company’s products or services via multiple channels, the most common one being the telephone. It can be carried out by trained telemarketers or increasingly, by automated phone calls. It doesn’t function solely to help with product sales as the word “marketing” suggested. If you’re interested, let’s take a glance at what telemarketing can do for your business!


1. Produce leads. 

A lead is anyone that is interested in a company’s product or services. Telemarketing is efficient in generating leads, especially when it works along with direct mail or email marketing. Those are the current best combination in creating and maintaining awareness among business to business prospects. It also can screen the leads, qualify them according to priority and pass on the best leads to the field sales department for immediate action. 

2. Increase sales department effectiveness. 

Telemarketing is able to lighten the sales burden greatly, particularly from direct sales individuals. It is proven by a Gardner study called Inside Sales: Selling more at lower cost, found out that sales person’s closing revenue can increase from 50% to 150% by adding a telemarketer to support a direct sales individual. 

3. Elevate other marketing activities. 


Webinar participation, white paper downloads, trade show attendance and a lot more other useful methods of interacting with consumers can be enhanced through telemarketing. 

4. One to one communication. 

Telemarketing allows companies or merchants to put a voice in the marketing and sales effort way before the consumer is ready to meet with the sales person. It allows better engagement with prospects with customisable messages and readiness to adapt to special needs of the specific prospect. 

5. Seek out possible opportunities. 

You will be surprised that it is the best way to locate the current market opportunities that exist inside the prospects and clients. Telemarketing experts stated it’s always possible to seek active opportunities that even the company has no idea about, regardless how big or well established the company is. 

6. Qualify prospects. 

Telemarketers are able to follow up on inquiries made from prospects on the company’s website or other forms of marketing strategy; determine and sort out the prospects immediately to determine a company’s success rate in doing business with them in near future. 

7. Advance the sales. 

The most effective way to identify hesitation in a prospect is through telemarketers. Telemarketers are trained to eliminate friction and move the prospects along the sales cycle via handling their questions, objections or doubts that might not otherwise be voiced.  It can complement the sales effort by reaching new customer bases at relatively lower cost. 

8. Engage at the top.

Many of the marketing experts agree telemarketing is the best way to get through to and start a dialogue with top executives. 

9. Build and clean company’s database


Telemarketers are capable of confirming and adding information to a company’s marketing database through phone calls. It is crucial to reduce waste and expand your reach within a filtered prospects list. 

10. Improving customer service. 

By using telemarketing as the main facer of customer service, companies as such can often go a long way toward keeping customers satisfied. Along with the current computer technology, a telemarketing program can be analysed in terms of costs and benefits, using quantitative data on the number of presentations, number of contacts, total sales, cost per sale and income per sale. 

Like any other forms of marketing strategy, telemarketing takes time and effort to plan and develop. Once you have decided to execute it, please make sure to properly train your telemarketers to be specific, control the pace and time of the chat and always respond to objections or concerns with positive manner in order to get the full benefits from telemarketing for your company.